Pamba tours Uganda Ltd is a private full time service travel company that serves business and leisure clients who require professional, friendly and efficient organization of their outbound and inbound travel and tourism needs.

Our company is manned with experienced, knowledgeable, multilingual and highly qualified team based on considerable experience combined with youthful enthusiasm and creative spirit, in depth knowledge of the services we offer and commitment to all aspects of Travel and Tourism management.

Pamba’s sustainability and practices directly linked to its employees believe in fundamental corporate values to satisfy customers with innovative technology, superior, quality, value and friendly services.


A Consistent and powerful growth, horizontal and vertical expansion of our expertize while maintaining our lead in the tourism industry in Uganda.


  • To ensure satisfaction and safety to our business partners and to our clients.
  • To develop consistent and long-term relations with our clients / partners and suppliers.
  • To be a beneficial factor for our partners.
  • To provide more extensive & sophisticated services and options to our clients.


Pamba Tours Uganda Ltd has the knowledge, expertise and experience to arrange and deliver all travel & tourism related requests received from a company, family or individual no matter how big, small or unusual are the needs. Among others, our customers delightfully pride in the following services.

  1. Car hire
  2. Hotel or accommodation types booking
  3. Cultural safaris/ tourism
  4. Game safaris
  5. Gorilla safaris
  6. Mountaineering


Our staff, your travel consultants loves solving puzzles, no matter how many pieces, in order to clearly see the big picture. Our passion comes from managing and analyzing all of the tiny details that embody leisure and corporate travel- from the simplest to the most challenging needs.

Pamba has more than 10 skilled and well trained multilingual staff team to;

Ensure the provision of the best possible customer service and consultancy to its clients.

The languages spoken by our staff include all local languages, English, French and Greek. They are thoroughly trained in our innovative technology and systems which are superior to what are available to the majority of travel companies so as to service our clients in the best way possible.

Our friendly, professional and competent staff members as travel consultants always do their best to ensure that all our company’s travel and tourism related services are delivered on time and in full. Covering every detail required for the client’s itinerary with the intention to complete satisfaction and / or even to exceed their expectations.


Among others, our superior customer services include;

  1. Reservation service from 9am to midnight, 7days a week
  2. 24/7 customer service include out of office hours
  • Customer feedback- email, social media and face to face
  1. Multiple options and flexibility at every level of our clients itineraries
  2. Speedy reporting on related travel services , include  financials
  3. Continuous availability of attractive special offers and packages


Market penetration and promotion of new tourism products and services.

Promote professionalism, motivation & open communication with all our customers –partners.

Always to be up to-date concerning the latest data technology, work procedures and environment issues.


Pamba is excited about its future and opportunities opening up in the regional and international travel & tourism industry. Based on our company vision and mission we have plans to continue our growth and to provide more extensive & sophisticated services and options to our clients.